The MMT Advanced Echelle Spectrograph

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Proposing to use MAESTRO
    Exposure Time Calculator

Observing Manual

   What to do before your run
   What to do in the afternoon
   Recommended calibrations and calibration philosopy
   Typical night-time observing sequence
   After the run

   Running the f/5 ADC
   Using the f/5 hub calibration Lamps

   Target Acquisition and Guiding
   AZCam Users Guide   AZCam Manual
   CONDUCTOR:  MAESTRO Control Software

   Flux Standards
   Stars with low vsini
   Radial Velocity Standards
   Flexure Prediction script

   Brief introduction to IRAF
   Brief introduction to IRAF/ICE for MAESTRO

Data Reduction
    Get your data from the Archive (Password Required)
    Bias subtraction
    Data sampler
    Th-Ar atlas and line lists

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Tour of the MAESTRO spectrograph: schematic and nomenclature
PDFs of current version of all engineering proceedures

Transport of MAESTRO between Steward and the MMTO  Photos
Transport of MAESTRO to the telescope  Photos

Mount MAESTRO on the telescope
Dismount MAESTRO from the telescope
Mount f/5 lamps in secondary hub

Hardware maintenance before each run
Instrument checkout at the start of each run

Lightning shutdown/restart
Remove/Install Grating Cover
Temperature Monitors
Remove/Install CCD Dewar
Filling the CCD Dewar

Quartz and Th-Ar lamp replacement
Remove/install slits
Triplet oil stress relief

Remove/Install guider
Long term spectrograph maintenance
Spare and replacement parts  Hardware Manuals
Triplet witness sample
Change guider coolant

Mount MAESTRO on alignment frame in lab
Dismount MAESTRO from alignment frame in lab 
Assembly/disassembly of alignment frame  Photos

Where stuff is stored
A-tag numbers for MAESTRO


Photo gallery
Reports and Memos
Observing Reports for Engineering Runs

Optical Design (ZMAX, CODE-V)
Reference documents
Hardware Manuals



Steward Observatory
Airmass Calculator
ITL:  the UA Imaging Technology Lab

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