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Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope

800px-vatt_groundlevel.jpg The VATT telescope has an Alt/Az mount and uses a 1.8-m f/1.0 honeycombed construction, borosilicate primary mirror developed by the University of Arizona Mirror Lab. Its secondary mirror is a 0.38-m f/0.9 Zerodur manufacted by the Space Optics Research Laboratory 1).

Both observing time and responsibility for VATT are shared with the University of Arizona on a 75% The Vatican Observatory Research Group VORG, 25% basis. Limited resources prevent VATT from being a visitor observatory, but collaborations are welcomed by VORG, especially when suitable instrumentation is provided for shared use at VATT.2)

  Altitude : 3191 meters = 10,469 ft
  Latitude : 32° 42' 04.69" N
  Longitude : 109° 53' 31.25" W
  Optical System : aplanatic Gregorian, f/9
  Focal Length : 16.48 m
  Primary Mirror : f/1.0, Diameter 1.83 meters = 72 inches
  Secondary Mirror : f/0.9, Diameter 0.38 meters = 14.96 inches
  Back Focal Distance : 50.80 mm (effective)
  Vignetting-Free Field : 72 mm diameter (15 arcmin)
  Image Scale : 12.52 arcsec/mm
  Image quality : 0.1 arcsec throughout 6.8 arcmin diameter flat FOV
  Mount : altitude-azimuth with derotator

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