TIMESTEP Summer Internship

Paid internships ($5K) for STEM majors, where Physics, Astronomy and Math majors are given priority. 

Applicants must be enrolled as seniors at UA in the Fall 2023 semester or graduate at the end of Summer 2023. 

Summer Program runs from May 15th -  Aug 9th 2023

No citizenship requirements to apply to the program, but individual companies may have restrictions (this will be noted in the job descriptions). 


Student Testimonial

Student Application Deadline Round 2 : March 19th 2023

Application Portal HERE

Application Requirements:  

            - CV and Cover Letter (see image below)

            - In your cover letter, highlight THREE companies from this updated list of employersand your reasons for selecting them. Note: we do not guarantee that you will be matched with one of your top three choices. 

           - Students, you **are REQUIRED** to use this example tech resume format :

                   Example Tech Resume

                         Interview Tips 


Employer Application Deadline: Jan 23 2023

Application for Employers

Employer Testimonials

Employer Application Instructions

2022 Program

Airth Solutions

*Arizona Optical Metrology

*Black Sky 

Center for Quantum Networks

IR Labs




 *Madden Media

MSE Supplies LLC 


NOIRLab: Astro Data Lab

 Nymbus Media

  OppsSpot LLC


 Revolute Robotics

 *Rincon Research



Tucson Optical Research Corporation 

QScint Imaging Solutions

2021 Program

2021 Graduate Student Coordinators:

Ryan Boyden (Astronomy)

Alia Hamdan (Physics)

Patrick O’Brien (LPL)

2021 Participating Companies: 

Airth Solutions


Delta Thermal



*Madden Media

MSE Supplies LLC  

*Paragon Space Development Company 

Paramium Tech

*Rincon Research

2020 Program

Graduate Coordinators:

Ryan Boyden, Allie Hughes, Ryan Keenan

2020 Participating Companies: 



ELE Optics


Go For Vertical

*Howe Industries


*Madden Media

*World View

2019 Program

Sean Dougall, Hannah Djerbaka, Shitij Seth, Martin Valencia, Maria Galloway-Sprietsma, YuanJea Hew, Andres Jaramillo

Grad Coordinators: 

Mel Rose, Christine Muccianti

2019 Participating Companies:

       Crop Trak


       IR Labs

       Madden Media

       NOAO DataLab

       Rincon Research

       Spectral Instruments Inc.

       Solar Lab


2018 Program

2018 Participating Companies:

       Madden Media

       L3 Latitude Engineering




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