A group of amazing astronomy and physics undergraduate seniors and juniors who have volunteered to lead meetings/discussions and help us improve the TIMESTEP program

If you’re a UA undergraduate and would like to be a TIMESTEP leader please email us at :  timestepUA@gmail.com

We further have an amazing group of TIMESTEP Mentors: UA graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty who have supported this program throughout the years. 

We finally thank our guest speakers who have brought their professional expertise to improve our programming.


Undergraduate TIMESTEP Leaders :

- Leaders of Research Experience Discussion (Dec 9th : Bianca, Sai, Kayli, Jan 13th: Danielle)

- Volunteers for Astrocharlas: Spanish Language Public Talk Series (Bianca)

TIMESTEP Meeting Mentors: 

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Dione Rossiter (Attending SACNAS, Science Communication Workshops)

Dr. Kirk Barrow (Stanford)

Dr. Anthony Pullen (NYU)

Gap Year Panel (Feb 10 2021):

Alex Stoken (UA Alum)

Ryan Carlson (UA Alum)

Drew Weldon (UA Alum)

Research Opportunities Panel (Dec 9th 2020):

Kayli Glidic (UA undergrad)

Sai Krishnanth (UA undergrad)

Bianca Payan (UA undergrad)

Dr Carlos Vargas (UA Steward Postdoctoral Fellow)

Attending Conferences Presenters:  

Grads: Katie Chamberlain, Sam Scibelli 

Undergrads: Sydney Brandt

Alumni: Jose Perez Chavez (Class of 20), Emily Walla (Class of 20)

Guests: Dr Dione Rossiter 

What it’s like to be a Graduate Student Panel

Jenny Calahan (UA undergrad Astronomy & Physics, Class of ’18)

Quadry Chance (UA undergrad Astronomy, Class of ’18)

Sasha Safonova (UA undergrad Physics, Class of '17)

Dr Tom McClintock (UA grad Physics)

Overview of the Graduate School Application

Grads: Katie Chamberlain, Hayden Foote

Faculty: Dr. Dan Marrone, Dr. Brian LeRoy

Editors of Student Graduate School Applications:

Astronomy & Physics Faculty:

Dr. Peter Behroozi

Dr. Richard Green

Dr. Kevin Hainline

Dr. Erika Hamden

Dr. Don McCarthy

Dr. Vasileios Paschalidis

Dr. Eduardo Rozo

Dr. Nathan Smith 

Dr. Ann Zabludoff

Editors of Student Undergraduate Research Applications:

Dr. Chi-Kwan Chan

Dr. Richard Green

Dr. Kevin Hainline

Dr. Kenneth Johns

Dr. Tai Kong

Dr. Mike Lesser

Dr. Don McCarthy

Dr. Vasileios Paschalidis

Dr. Nathan Smith

Dr. Shufang Su

Dr. Weigang Wang


Undergraduate TIMESTEP Leaders :

- Volunteers for the Spanish Astronomy Public talk series (Jimena, Jose, Bianca)

- Leaders of Research Skills Discussion (Jimena, Jose)

- Leader of Internship Discussion (Shitij) 

TIMESTEP Meeting Mentors: 

Graduate Student Panelists:  

Rachael Amaro, Pedro Espino, Jennifer Kadowaki, Spencer Scott

Discussion Leaders:  Jennifer Lumbres

Gap Year Planning Discussion Leaders: 

Marina Dunn (Class of 2018),  Tyler Baines (Class of 2018) & Junellie Gonzalez-Quiles

Meeting Leaders :

Dr. Dan Marrone (Grad School Overview)

Dr. Brian LeRoy (Grad School Overview)

Carl Cox (Madden Media: Internships in Industry)

Brie Finegold (Rincon Research:  Internships in Industry & Resume Workshop)

Chris Foster (IR Labs: Internships in Industry)

Chris Fry (Rincon Research:  Internships in Industry & Resume Workshop)

Mike Garcia (Rincon Research: Resume Workshop)

Justin Langlois (WorldView: Internships in Industry)

Dan Roskey (Rincon Research: Internships in Industry)

David Smith (Resume Workshop)

Workshop Mentors: 

Dr. Peter Behroozi (Grad School Application Workshop)

Dr. Ewan Douglas (Grad School Application Workshop)

Dr. Erika Hamden (Grad School Application Workshop)

Dr. Tim Eifler (Undergrad Application Workshop)

Dr. Elisabeth Krause (Undergrad Application Workshop)

Dr. Brian LeRoy (Grad School Application Workshop)

Dr. Srin Manne (Undergrad Application Workshop)

Dr. Don McCarthy (Grad School Application Workshop)

Dr. Vasilis Paschalidis (Grad School Application Workshop)

Dr. Nathan Smith (Grad School Application Workshop)

Dr. George Rieke (Grad School and Undergrad Application Workshop)

Dr. Ann Zabludoff (Grad School Application Workshop)

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Keith Hawkins

Dr. Jorge Moreno 


Undergraduate TIMESTEP Leaders: 

Co-I   Holly Brown  (Academic Advisor for Astronomy & Physics)

TIMESTEP Meeting Mentors: 

Graduate Student Panelists:  

Rachael Amaro, Jane Bright, Katie Chamberlain, Rixin Li, Carolyn Raithel, Samantha Scibelli, Charity Woodrum

Graduate Student Application Reviewers:   

Kevin Wagner, Dr. Jordan Stone

Meeting Leaders :

Dr. Kaitlin Kratter (Grad School Overview)

Dr. Brian LeRoy (Grad School Overview)

Dr. Carlos Vargas  - Research Strategies and Reading Academic Papers

Dr. Jennifer Andrews - Presenting at Academic Conferences  

Guest Speakers:

Dra. Gloria Delgado Inglada

Dr. Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz

Dr. Sherard Robbins (Visceral Change)


Undergraduate TIMESTEP Leaders: 

Graduate Meeting Leaders:  amazing group of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students who have helped lead meetings and run workshops.

Co-I   Holly Brown  (Academic Advisor for Astronomy & Physics)

Graduate Student Panelists:  

Gabriele Bozzola, Ryan Boyden, Nicolas Garavito Camargo, Tom McClintock, Christine Muccianti, Ekta Patel, Ragadeepika Pucha, 

Meeting Leaders :

Dr. Kaitlin Kratter (Grad School Overview)

Dr. Koen Visscher (Grad School Overview)

Dr. Paola Pinilla 

Dr. Jennifer Andrews (Attending Conferences)

Guest Speakers:

Dra. Nicole Cabrera Salazar (Movement Consulting)

Leah Fulmer (Navigating Gap Year)

Dr. Jenny Greene

Dr. Renee Hlozek

Dr. Sally Oey

Dr. Sherard Robbins (Visceral Change)


Undergraduate TIMESTEP Leaders:  

Rafia Bushra, Quadry Chance

Graduate Student Panelists: 

Melissa Halford, Michael Hammer, Ekta Patel, Rachel Smullen, Ya-lin Wu

Meeting Leaders :

Dr. Kaitlin Kratter (Grad School Overview)

Dr. Brian LeRoy (Grad School Overview)

Nicolas Garavito Camargo (GitHub Overview)

Ekta Patel (GitHub Overview)

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Nia Imara

Dr. Ana Maria Rey

Dr. Risa Wechsler

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