Welcome to TIMESTEP

TIMESTEP is a a bi-weekly discussion group about topics of professional development for undergraduates in STEM fields at U. Arizona. Meetings are open to all students.

Overview Article : U. Arizona Office of RII

Article in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Meeting Topics Include Discussions About: 

The Academic path:  How to successfully navigate your undergraduate degree, how to apply for graduate school, how to get a research position.  

Careers Outside of Academia: Resume Building, Internship Program, access to Contacts in Industry and Local Tech Start-Ups, career workshops in Science Communication. 

Survival in Academia:  Discussions about the imposter syndrome, unconscious bias and stereotype threat, topics about mental health, diversity and race in academia. 

Hands-On Workshops: Computational Practices (e.g. GitHub, Unix, Version control), Research Statement & Resume Writing

Discussions with Under Represented Minority (URM) leaders in STEM fields:  We also invite URM speakers from across the country, who are established in their fields, to discuss their academic path and lead workshops, providing URM students with relatable role models.

TIMESTEP Leadership Team: 

PI   Dr. Gurtina Besla  (Assoc. Professor of Astronomy, UA) 

Co-Is : 

Dr. Ewan Douglas (Asst. Professor of Astronomy, UA)                  

      [ Lead: Internships and Industry Connections]

Dr. Tim Eifler (Asst. Professor of Astronomy, UA)                                           

      [Lead: Computational Workshops and Best Practices]

Dr. Vasileios Paschalidis (Asst. Professor of Astronomy, UA)

       [ Lead: Grad School Preparation Workshops] 

Dr. Eduardo Rozo (Assoc. Professor of Physics, UA) 

       [ Lead: Undergraduate Research Preparation Workshops] 

Administrator:  Debbie Federico

Program Evaluator: Dr. Sanlyn Buxner

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