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Graduate School Planning

TIMESTEP Templates for Grad School Application Planning 

(this includes CV templates, template spreadsheets for keeping track of schools and keeping your letter writers informed, tips for writing applications)

MiniGrant Program to pay for Graduate School Applications for BIPOC students offered by the AAS

List of US Grad Schools that don’t require PGRE and Cost Breakdown

Grad School Shopper from AIP

Guide to Grad School in US: Astrobites

Guide to Grad School in US: AAPT

Timeline for Preparing for Grad School in US: Astrobites

Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

Astronomy and Physics PhD programs typically pay a stipend, but often require you to teach. A scholarship can increase your options in finding an advisor and also decrease the number of semesters you need to teach. 

Database of Scholarships: Cientifico Latino

Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership Fellowship (UA)

Churchill Scholarship (Cambridge, UK)

Hertz Fellowship (Oct. , Can apply during a Gap Year, US Citizens/Permanent Res.) 

Marshall Scholarship (to study in the UK)

National Physical Science Consortium Graduate Fellowship (US Citizens; Dec)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (US Citizens)

Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans (including DACA & Refugees)

US Fulbright Scholarship 

What to do if you’ve been accepted to Grad School 

Navigating Grad School Visits  by Astrobites

Grad school compiled info by Astrobites

Grad School Visits as a Woman of Color: Questions to ask by MeltingTheSnow

Questions for Graduate Programs:   by Dra. Nicole Cabrera Salazar, Nadirah Farah Foley and Leah Fulmer  


Gap Year Planning 

                                    Gap Year Advice by Ansom Lam

                    Gap Year Advice & Post-baccalaureate Programsby        

                                        Leah Fulmer, Marina Dunn & Alex Gagliano

                   Why you might want to do a Post-Baccalaureate Program

Bridge, Post-Bac & Terminal Masters Programs 

(transition from Undergrad to Grad School)

               Overview (compiled by Holly Brown)

              Deadlines are usually Feb or March 


Look for Post-bac/Research Technician Positions:

           AAS Job Register 

           Careers at NASA

           Society of Physics Students Job Board 

           NASA Pathways Internship (US Citizenship Required)


Bridge Programs: 

              APS Bridge Program  (open to DACA) 

               Fisk-Vanderbilt Physical Sciences Masters-to-PhD Bridge Program 

             IGEN Bridge Program

               UC San Diego-Morehouse Physics Bridge Program

               Cal-Bridge Astronomy and Physics Bridge Program: 

            Columbia University Natural Sciences Bridge to PhD Program 

              Minority Opportunities in REsearch Bridges to the PhD Program

              Princeton Bridge Program (Physics)

        Specific APS Bridge Programs:

               Ohio State University Physics Masters to PhD Bridge Program

               University of South Florida Physics Bridge Program 

Summer Research Programs that accept graduating seniors:

                   TAURUS  Program at UT Austin 

               STScI Summer Internship Program  

                 NRAO Undergraduate Summer Student Research Assistantship (international scholars can apply)

                    NSBP-Simons Summer Research Fellowship (for NSBP Members)

                    Society of Physics Intenship: Policy & Education (some positions may require US citizenship)

                    Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship in Commercial Space Flight (nov)

Post-Baccalaureate Programs:

                 Blue Marble Space: Young Scientist Program

                 CRESST II Summer Internship 

                 Department of Energy (DOE) Scholars Program

                 JPL Internship

                 Lunar and Planetary Institute:  Summer Internship   

                 Wesleyan McNair Program

                  Princeton Post-Baccalaureate Program  (Astronomy - not offered 2019-2020)

                    Helen Fellowship at the American Natural History Museum (Citizenship required, for women)

                    Joint Post-baccalaureate Program in Washington University-St. Louis    

                 Yale Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Programs   

                Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Recent Graduates Research Opportunities     


Internships/1 year Programs:

                GEM Fellowship  (US citizens, URM Program)  

                Professional Associates Program for Women and Minorities (Brookhaven National Lab, Citizenship required). 

Terminal Masters:

                U Michigan Imes Moore Fellows Program in Applied Physics   

                    Wesleyan University Masters in Astronomy 

Science Policy/Outreach/Communication

                    Smithsonian Museum Internships

                    Brookhaven National Lab Science Communication Fellowship

Job search:

Industry Options

Technical job postings

CU Boulder LASP 

SPACE TECH COMPANIES (see also the TIMESTEP Internship page)

Companies that Contract with NASA

Companies that Contract with Marshall Space Flight Center

Raytheon: Recent Grads & Internships 



Preparing for Jobs in Tech/Industry 

Learn coding:

Compare company salaries for different levels of software engineering:   

Applying For Jobs:

Example Tech Resume

Example Resumes

Overview: Resumes & Social Media 

Resume Advice

Where to Look for Jobs:

Career Resources for Astro/Physics Undergrads (compiled by Holly Brown)

Resources compiled by the Physics Department

UA Career Services

Career Services Resources (including subscriptions to online career guides and planners) -- 

“A” Resume Guide (pdf) 

Wildcat Joblink (UA Student Job Postings)


American Institute of Physics Career Resources

Physics Today Job Board


Society of Physics Students Career Resources

Society of Physics Students Job Board

SPS Career Toolbox for Undergraduate Physics Students


American Astronomical Society Career Resources

AAS Job Register Ads

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