Research & Internship Opportunities 

Compiled List of Research Opportunities With Deadlines

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Writing Tips 

Tips for Requesting Recommendation Letters 

Research FAQ for UA Students (Course Requirements)

Research Opportunities at U. Arizona  


UA Undergrad Research Website

UA Undergraduate Research Engagement Experience

Arizona Space Grant Consortium   contact: Michelle Coe   This program offers funding for 10-20 hours per week during the academic year.   

Summer Research Insitute   contact:  Nura Dualeh

National Opportunities   (US citizens/permanent residents)   

Bryce Canyon National Park Summer Astronomy Outreach Internship 

 Science Communication Fellowship at Brookhaven

Brookhaven Mini Semester Program

Leadership Alliance

Lincoln Labs (MIT)

NASA Internships and Fellowships  See also here

APL Summer Internship at JHU 

Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship in Commercial Space Flight

Draper Lab

ULA United Launch Summer Internships

Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS)

SMART Fellowships at DOD : Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation Scholarship-for-Service

National Opportunities (may require US citizenship)

List of REU programs in Astronomy

List of REU programs in Physics  

      Some Specfic REU Programs:  

               Cornell REU (will happen in remote/hybrid or in-person model)

                Smithsonian  (SAO)  - Center for Astrophysics (CfA) 

                CIERA : Northwestern

                 MIT Haystack


                 Northern Arizona University 

                Maria Mitchell Institute


SURF (JPL Positions Require Citizenship - but others don't)   (if you are interested in this you’ll need to identify a potential advisor by early January). 

JPL Internships

      JPL Summer Undergraduate Internship

Ball Aerospace Internship (Ball does have some positions for international students)

Blue Marble Space: Young Scientist Program

 CRESST II Summer Internship 

Department of Energy (DOE) Scholars Program

Undergraduate Student Internship Program at LANL 

Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program

SULI: Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (DOE, multiple locations)

Minority Serving Institutions Partnership Program (MSIPP) with the DOE (US Citizens, UA undergrads qualify)

For Seniors:  (See Also For Graduating Students)

          Graduate Fellowships in STEM Diversity

National Opportunities (NO US Citzenship Requirements**)

STScI Summer Internship Program   SASP

Society of Physics Intenship: Policy & Education (some positions may require US citizenship)

Fermilab Internship for Physics Majors

          Lee Teng Internship at Fermilab 

          VetTech Program for Military Vets at Fermilab (military experience, work eligibility)

          SIST Program at Fermilab (work eligibility)

LIGO SURF Program at Caltech (for intl students CPT/OPT auth required, SURF@JPL program is only for citizens.)

Lunar and Planetary Institute:  Summer Internship  

Summer Undergraduate Program for Planetary Research at LPI  Deadline: Feb 12 2021

Yale: Dorrit Hoffleit Undergraduate Research Scholarship

HackNY Internship Program:  Rolling admission deadlines are Oct 18, Nov 22, and Dec 30 with notification by Feb 2021. The program itself runs May 27 2021 to August 2 2021.The 2021 HackNY fellowship is open to all undergraduate college students who will be graduating in 2021 - 2023. A brief summary:  hackNY plays matchmaker to find a company relevant to student's listed career goals. The company pays the intern a stipend, provides free housing (pandemic permitting) and a series of informative talks from influential technologists. 

** Note if you are on a F1 Visa you will likely need to file CPT Authorization to be eligible for these positions - this will require that this research expereince fulfills a class requirement, e.g. independent study with a supervisor. Talk to a faculty advisor about this option well in advance of deadlines. 

International Opportunities (passport needed

LEAPS: Leiden/ESA Astrophysics Programme for Summer Students  (Remote 2021) 

CERN Summer Student Program: Particle Physics  (Remote 2021)

      CERN OpenLab 

     Additional CERN opportunities

Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Taipei, Taiwan)

Internships at the Max Planck Institute fur Astronomy (Heidelberg, Germany)

Astrophysics Research Center Summer Studentships (Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Research Interships in Science and Engineering (RISE) Germany

ASTRON/JIVE Summer Student Programme (Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy)

ASPIRE Program at the Anton Pannekoek Institute (Netherlands)  [ unclear if this is continuing] 

DAWN IRES Program in Denmark  (US Citizenship/permanent residents)

International Research Experiences for Students (NSF, may require US citizenship) 

European Space Observatory Summer Research Program

Department of Energy Exchange Program with the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN, in Italy)


Open to DACA and/or Undocumented Students 


—Open to Students who identify as Women :     

                          APS/IBM Research Undergraduate Program for Women  

                          National Astronomy Consortium  

                       Brooke Owens Fellowship in Aerospace (most require US Citizenship/Permanent Resident)

FOR SENIORS: (See Also For Graduating Students)

                          Helen Fellowship at the American Natural History Museum (Citizenship required)


—Open to Students from Under Represented Minority Backgrounds Specifically: 

                           Banneker Institute at Harvard  (Juniors/Seniors - Contact Gurtina Directly for this one) 

                           TAURUS  Program at UT Austin 

                            APS/IBM Internship 

                           National Astronomy Consortium  

                           JPL  Maximizing Student Potential in STEM

                           Fermi Lab  Summer Internships in Science and Technology (SIST)

                           ATLAS Internship JHU (US Citizenship required) 

                           Minority Serving Institutions Partnership Program (MSIPP) with the DoE (US Citizens, UA undergrads qualify)

                          Minority Educational Institution Student Partnership Program (MEISPP) with DOE  

                          NSBP-Simons Summer Research Fellowship (for NSBP Members)

                          Caltech WAVE Fellowship


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