Vasileios Paschalidis

Department of Astronomy Astro office: SO 338
Department Physics Phys office: PAS 356
The University of Arizona email:
Tucson, AZ 85719

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At the University of Arizona I teach both at the graduate and the undergraduate level in both the department of Physics and the department of Astronomy. I have taught so far the following courses:
  • High energy astrophysics (AST 582, graduate level, Spring 2018).

  • Computational Physics (PHYS 305, undergraduate, Fall 2019).

  • General Relativity (PHYS 569, graduate, Spring 2020).


I have given guest lectures and also taught at spring/summer schools. Below you can find lecture notes I have distributed in the past.

You may download a set of lecture notes on numerical relativity I have distributed for the course General Relativity II at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign here.

Brazil IFT-UNESP mini course on numerical relativity

First lecture notes on well-posedness and hyperbolicity, Finite Difference methods here.

Notes on constraint damping in Maxwell's theory can be downloaded here.

Second lecture notes on the basics of Finite Volume methods can be downloaded here.