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Autumn in Cambridge, Massachusetts (October 2014)
I have nine first-author refereed publications and have contributed to 29 additional publications as a secondary author. For my entire bibliography, please see HERE.

My PhD thesis, "Unveiling the Progenitors of Short-Duration Gamma-ray Bursts", can be found HERE.

lead-author refereed publications

Fong W, Margutti R, Chornock R, et al., 2016. arXiv:1608.08626. Submitted to ApJ.
The Afterglow and Early-Type Host Galaxy of the Short GRB 150101B at z=0.1343 [ADS]

Fong W, Metzger BD, Berger E, Ozel F, 2016. arXiv:1607.00416.Accepted to ApJ.
Radio Constraints on Long-Lived Magnetar Remnants in Short Gamma-Ray Bursts [ADS]

Fong W, Berger E, Margutti R, Zauderer BA, 2015. ApJ, 815, 102.
A Decade of Short-duration Gamma-ray Burst Broad-band Afterglows: Energetics, Circumburst Densities, and Jet Opening Angles [ADS]

Fong W, Berger E, Metzger BD, et al., 2014. ApJ, 780, 118.
Short GRB 130603B: Discovery of a jet break in the optical and radio afterglows, and a mysterious late-time X-ray excess [ADS]

Fong W, Berger E, 2013. ApJ, 776, 18.
The Locations of Short Gamma-ray Bursts as Evidence for Compact Object Binary Progenitors [ADS]

Fong W, Berger E, Chornock R, et al., 2013. ApJ, 769, 56.
Demographics of the Galaxies Hosting Short-duration Gamma-Ray Bursts [ADS]

Fong W, Berger E, Margutti R, et al., 2012. ApJ, 756, 189.
A Jet Break in the X-ray Light Curve of GRB 111020A: Implications for Energetics and Rates [ADS]

Fong W, Berger E, Chornock R, et al., 2011. ApJ, 730, 26.
The Optical Afterglow and z = 0.92 Early-type Host Galaxy of the Short GRB 100117A [ADS]

Fong W, Berger E, Fox DB, 2010, ApJ, 708, 9.
Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Short Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxies: Morphologies, Offsets, and Local Environments [ADS]

photo credit: Dana Berry
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