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Steps to Running the Monday Meeting:

  1. Send out meeting notice the week before with agenda
  2. Prep for meeting by reviewing all previous weeks emails (just how Joe does it)
  3. Get to room N305 by 8:30
  4. If room locked, get key from key box in Victor's office. Carmen and Victor have code. Can also ask the custodian to let you in.
  5. Turn on both tan rocker type light switches. Turn off all other lights.
  6. Dim lights to correct brightness. Switches at front of room have slides to dim to correct brightness
  7. Prep room, straighten, pick up trash, reset chairs etc.
  8. Turn on projector
  9. Select desired input for room computer versus personal computer, laminated cheat sheet in room with instructions
  10. Get PC or laptop connected to internet, projector, plugged in to power, note room wireless available as N305 network for wireless.
  11. Open appropriate websites for meeting: Mtn Ops calendar, NOAA weather, Steward Telescope Schedule, VATT Schedule, etc
  12. Set cell phone to vibrate
  13. Get zoom started and start meeting
  14. In Zoom make sure “share” is selected for ability to share computer screen with others remotely
  15. Work through agenda, watching time on cell phone, note people will call or text you if they cannot access meeting so keep phone handy
  16. Take notes as people ask for summary from time to time
  17. Set projector to standby
  18. Turn off all lights when leaving room
  19. Follow-up on action items once meeting is over
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