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Please note, these procedures were taken directly from the following documents: “Kitt Peak Emergency Manual”, “Fire Extinguisher and Emergency Evacuation SOP”, and “Conducting Safety Review for Kitt Peak Visitors/Observers” and were given to us by Tammie Levoie to improve our site's safety

Fire Safety Procedures

If the emergency requires additional help don’t hesitate to Dial 911.

Fire Emergency Procedures

  1. If you discover a fire in a building, pull the nearest pull station to alert and evacuate everyone in the building.
  2. Call 8777/8721, radio on channel 1 or 911. Emergency call procedures are below.
  3. If the fire can be contained or extinguished without endangering yourself, use the nearest fire extinguisher.
  4. If you are unable to control the fire, leave and close the door behind you. Evacuate to the Fire Emergency Center (Fire Barn).

Using a Fire Extinguisher

When using a fire extinguisher, workers are encouraged to use the P.A.S.S. technique. The directions on how to correctly use this method are listed below.

  1. Pull the pin. When doing so, the tamper seal will be broken.
  2. Aim low, and point the extinguisher nozzle towards the base of the fire. On CO2 extinguishers, workers must not touch the plastic discharge horn, as it gets extremely cold and will cause damage to exposed skin.
  3. Squeeze the handle to release the extinguishing agent.
  4. Sweep the area from side to side until the fire seems to be put out. The extinguisher nozzle should still be pointed towards the base of the fire. If the fire reignites, repeat steps 2-4.

Mountain Fire Siren & Building Alarms

  1. Anyone who hears the fire siren should announce via the radio (3 Times), “There is a fire alarm in progress, will all duty personnel please report to the Fire Barn!”
  2. If the alarm in your building is going off and the building has elevators, evacuate the building via the stairway. Carry a flashlight, take a radio, tuned to channel 1, from the control room with you and listen for radio instructions from mountain staff.
  3. If you hear the emergency mountain siren, stay at your location and listen for instructions on the radio from the mountain staff. Unless of course, your building is burning, then follow the instructions above.


To be Connected Directly to the Radio System by Telephone Dial 8721

After one or two beeps, state your message. This is a two-way radio phone patch. Follow the Emergency Call Procedure below. Dial “#” to disconnect.

Telephone: Dial 8777

If there is not an immediate answer, DO NOT HANG UP. 8777 rings a sequence of extensions beginning with the reception desk until a responsible person is reached. Follow the Emergency Call Procedure below. In the event that you are unable to contact anyone on the mountain or if you feel that the emergency requires additional help, Dial 911 and follow the Emergency Call Procedure below.

IF you have a Radio, follow the Emergency Call Procedure below.

Emergency Call Procedure: State on the telephone or the radio:

  1. I have an emergency (wait for a reply)
  2. State the type of emergency
  3. Your name and phone number
  4. The exact location of the emergency
  5. If assistance is required and type (medical, firefighting, etc.)
  6. The number of injured persons
  7. If a hazardous condition currently exists
  8. Who is at the emergency scene
  9. Wait for instructions before hanging up

Wildfire/Large Site Fire

In the event that Kitt Peak management decides that there is danger to people on the mountain, notification to evacuate will be communicated on the radio, by phone and physically. Everyone is asked to comply with the request of the Incident Commander/Kitt Peak First Response Team Leader.

  • The Incident Commander, depending on the emergency, can be a US Wildfire Manager, Kitt Peak Supervisor or NOAO designee.
  • During Mountain Evacuation the Incident Commander will:
    • Identify assembly area, visitor parking lot is preferred.
    • Prepare a list of contacted individuals/organizations and review list to ensure that all personnel are accounted for.
    • Determine what route shall be taken for evacuation.
    • Request the public to evacuate mountain if practical, check restrooms at the 4 meter, Solar, and other public areas.
    • Coordinate drivers and move vehicles to assembly area
    • Authorize each vehicle for departure and check off occupants on roster.
    • Save one vehicle for the Incident Commander and remaining staff to evacuate.

Useful Telephone Numbers

After normal office hours (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM), all calls reporting an emergency are to be directed to Extension 8777 or the radio patch extension 8721 or 911 (if needed). During the 4M construction phase, the WIYN OA is the contact person at 8760. (The 4M Observing Assistant (OA) will resume this role when the telescope goes into operation-8620.)

Observatory Personnel:
Lists of speed-dial numbers of observatory personnel home telephone numbers are carried by all Observing Techs as well as being posted in all telescopes.

Local Government:
Tucson Police Department 911
Non-Emergency 791-4444
Tucson Fire Department 911
U of A Police Department 911
Non-Emergency 621-8273
1852 East First Street
Tucson, Arizona 85721
Bomb Squad 911
Tohono O’Odham Department of Public Safety 911 all emergencies
Fire 520-383-8276
Police 520-383-3275
Environmental Office 520-383-8113
Solid Waste Regulatory Office 520-383-8681
Livestock Facilities 520-383-6480
Tribal Herd 520-383-2459
Federal Agencies:
U.S. Border Patrol 520-505-7945
U.S. Customs 520-407-2300
Center for Disease Control (CDC) 404-639-3311
U.S. Forest Service Supervisors Office 520-388-8300
State Agencies:
Dept. of Public Safety – Highway Patrol and Helicopter 520-746-4500
Fire Marshal’s Office 520-628-6920
AZ Occupational Safety and Health Administration 520-628-5478
Road Conditions 511 Department of Environmental Quality, Tucson 520-745-4536
Agriculture – Pesticide Hotline 602-255-3664
AZ Game and Fish (Tucson) 520-628-5376
Poison Control 800-222-1222
County Agencies:
Sheriff 520-351-4600
Animal Control 520-724-5900
Disease Control 520-243-7800
Kitt Peak Cell Phones: Administration (cell phone number) (dial 1-520) 520-730-1276
Fire Barn (cell phone number) 520-730-1132
Telephone Room (cell phone number) 520-730-5739
Chemical Spill, Kitt Peak Emergency Number 8777/8721
Water Main Break 8777/8721
4 meter elevator emergency telephone 520-383-3540
Telephones and total power failure at Kitt Peak – Use Cell Phones
Tohono O'odham Utility Authority (Kitt Peak power lines only)
Power Outage 1-520-383-5800
Sells access (power failure line without generator) 1-520-383-2892
Univ. Physicians Healthcare @ Kino Hospital, 2800 East Ajo Way 520-874-2000
Northwest Medical Center, 6200 North La Cholla Blvd. 520-742-9000
St. Joseph's, 350 North Wilmot Road 520-873-3000
St. Mary's, 1601 West St. Mary's Road 520-872-3000
Sells Hospital 520-383-7200
Tucson Medical Center, 5301 East Grant Road 520-324-1310
University Medical Center, 1501 North Campbell Avenue 520-694-0111
Other Tucson Police Contacts:
Auto Theft 520-791-4664
Burglary 520-791-5171
Fingerprinting 520-791-4697
Fraud 520-791-4481
Gangs 520-351-4460
Homicide 520-791-4487
Missing Persons 520-791-5159
Traffic 520-791-4440
Traffic Investigations 520-791-4389
Kitt Peak Mountain Staff:
Larry Reddell, Kitt Peak Facilities Supervisor
520-318-8734 (Office)
520-318-8611 (Residence)
William Buckingham, Visitor Center Manager
520-318-8163 (Office)

Please call Joe, Bill, Gary, Melanie, or Dan to let them know if something on our site caught fire

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