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Kuiper 61 Inch Telescope

Elevation: 2510 m = 8235 ft.
Latitude: +32° 24' 59.3" N
Longitude: 110° 44' 04.3" W
these coordinates are accurate to about 1".
Time Zone: +7 hours 
Primary Mirror Diameter: 1.54 m = 61 inches
Primary Focal Ratio: f/4 
f/13.5 Cassegrain focus
Plate Scale: 100 microns/arcsec = 10.0 arcsec/mm (nominal)
Useful Field of View: >435 arcsec diameter
Secondary Diameter: 40.96 cm 
f/45 Cassegrain focus
Plate Scale: 351 microns/arcsec = 2.85 arcsec/mm (nominal)
Useful Field of View: >325 arcsec diameter
Secondary Diameter: 14.5 cm 
Typical Seeing: 1-2" 

Liquid Nitrogen Safe Handling Practices

This is a reminder that both safety goggles AND a face shield, along with cryo gloves, must be worn when filling dewars or handling liquid nitrogen in any capacity. These are provided outside the upstairs door to the dome. Long sleeves and closed toed shoes must also be worn when handling liquid nitrogen. We have provided lab coats which are on hooks next to the face shield and goggles, but proper footware is the responsibility of the observers. Cryo gloves are kept on the table on the platform under the telescope as usual. Using PPE is easy, but please reach out to us if you have any questions.


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