Public Astronomy

As much as I love exploring the universe through research, I take on an active role in seeking outreach programs in my local community to increase the availability of astronomy within the general public.

Astronomy Research

I am a graduate student researcher at the University of Arizona Steward Observatory, working with Professor Marcia Rieke and Professor Kevin Hainline as a part of the JWST NIRCam Extragalactic science group.

Amateur Astronomy

Ever since Stellafane 2015, I was inspired to explore Amateur Telescope Making and Astrophotography, which I continue to do in my spare time.

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night,
I bet they'd live a lot differently.

Bill Waterson

Latest News

IAGU Galaxies 2019
In June 2019 I presented a poster at the IAU Galaxies Conference on JWST color selectin of high-redshift LyA Dropouts.
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Space Drafts
I presented on my work with JWST at Tucson's Space Drafts, alongside Peter Senchyna, we connected small nearby galaxies to the first galaxies observable with JWST.
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I was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, which will support my graduate studies at the University of Arizona.
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Steward Observatory
I was accepted as an Astronomy and Astrophysics graduate student at Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona to pursue my PhD.
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