Ruobing (Robin) Dong’s Astronomy Homepage


I am currently the Bart Bok Fellow at Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona. Previously I was a NASA Hubble Fellow at UC Berkeley. I did my Ph.D. in astrophysics at Princeton University with Roman Rafikov, and my B.S. in physics at Peking University, China.

Research Interests

My main research interests are in exoplanets; in particular, how they form from circumstellar disks surrounding newly born stars. I am a theorist who works directly with observational data, and I combine numerical simulations with state of the art resolved observations of circumstellar disks to test hypotheses in planet formation. Lately my works have been largely motivated by the discoveries made by high angular resolution instruments such as VLT/SPHERE, Gemini/GPI, Subaru/SCExAO, JVLA, and ALMA.