4/26 :  Carolyn Raithel  "The millisecond pulsar mass distribution: Evidence for bimodality and constraints on the maximum neutron star mass”,  Antoniadis+2016

           Jianwei Lyu  "The intrinsic dust emission of type-1 quasars”  Lyu+2017a  & Lyu+2017b in prep (on arXiv soon)


5/3  :    Yumi Choi  / Rixin Li

Past Talks



1/11 :  Grant Williams   “Presentation Tips"

           Gurtina Besla  Laporte et al. 2016  

"What is the Origin of the Warp in the Milky Way’s Disk?"             

1/18 :  Paola Pinilla  Pohl+2016  “Investigating Dust Trapping in Transition Disks with Millimeter-wave Polarization” 

           Andras Gaspar   “Constraining debris disk collisional cascade models via far-infrared and radio measurements"

1/25 :   Jiani Ding  Ding+2016 "CIII] Emission Line from Galaxies in the Early Universe"

            Ramesh Mainali    Mainali+2016 "Evidence for a Hard Ionizing Spectrum from a z=6.11 Stellar Population”


2/1  :    Evan Schneider  "Gas Accretion Onto Galaxies: A Simulator's Perspective”  Putman+2016 ,  Faucher-Giguere+2016 ,  van de Voort+2016

            Everett Schlawin "The Imprint of Planet Formation on Exoplanet Spectra” Mordasini+2016

2/8  :    Jeff Carlin  “Hierarchical Assembly of Dwarf Galaxies”  DDO 68  Annibali+2016,  Dwarf Groups Stierwalt+2017 

            Stephanie Juneau   “New insight into the most extreme obscuration of supermassive black holes"

2/15 :    Kevin Hainline  "The NIRCam / NIRSpec JWST GTO Extragalactic Program”

             Robin Dong   "How do we constrain the masses of planets in protoplanetary disks using observed disk structures? “ Dong & Fung 2017a     Dong & Fung 2017b   Fung & Dong 2015

2/22 :   Alex Bixel  "Constraining the composition of super-Earth exoplanets”  Bixel & Apai 2017

           Anna Patej   "The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI): Science and Strategy”  DESI Experiment Part I


3/1 :    Elena Manjavacas  “An Irradiated Brown Dwarf Companion to an accreting White Dwarf”.                 Hernández-Santisteban et al. (2016),

           Nick Ballering  “PAHs in Protoplanetary Disks”         Seok & Li 2017

3/8  :   Peter Senchyna  "Ultraviolet Spectra of Extreme Nearby Star-Forming Regions" (Senchyna+17 in prep)

           Jennifer Kadowaki   "Spectroscopy of Ultra-diffuse Galaxies in the Coma Cluster" (Kadowaki+17 on the arXiv wednesday!)

3/22 :  Ryan Endsley  "Insights into the physical properties of high-redshift galaxies from nebular emission lines” Vanzella+2017

           Don McCarthy   , "Megatelescope releases its first image” Austin, R., 2016

3/29 :  Eckhart Spalding  “ Constraints on the Structure of Exozodiacal Dust Belts” Kirchschlager+2017  

            Minghao Yue  “Searching for Binary Supermassive Black Holes via variable broad emission line shifts” Wang+2017


4/5  :    NONE  Aaronson Symposium on 4/3-4/4

4/12 :   Christine O’Donnell:  McDonald+2017  "The Remarkable Similarity of Massive Galaxy Clusters From z~0 to z~1.9"

            Vernon Dunlap:    Abbott+2016  "Localization and broadband follow-up of the gravitational-wave transient GW150914”

4/19 :   Ekta Patel   The Discovery and Origin of a Very High Velocity Cloud Towards M33 Zheng+2017

            Keith Bechtol  Astrometric Microlensing by Local Dark Matter Subhalos  Erickcek+2011


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